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Thank you very much for the extra attention that you gave Sable Chase in the aftermath of the blizzard. We also really appreciate your dealing with the hassle of the cars left in the middle of the main drive.

-Julie, McKenzie Management

I could not have asked for a more expert job. The end result is a lovely outdoor setting which incorporates a flagstone patio with an arching wall of outcropping rock creating an eye catching, environmentally pleasing aesthetic. Remarkably, Canopy reproduced exactly what I had in my mind's eye — only finer and more elegant.

-Dr. Donald Garrett, Advanced Pain Relief Specialists​

Thank you for building an exceptionally awe-inspiring and noble chimney, and for the complete and thorough job with incredibly precise attention to detail and quality. You are truly America's Master Mason.

-John Maks, Chicago​


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​References for Commercial/Industrial/Residential Work

​Edlong North America - Tom Harlin — 847-439-9230
Park Ridge Auto Body - Mike Ofenloch — 847-823-9805
Premier Residential Management - Susie Gatley or Heather McArthur — 847-425-2540

​References for Snow Plowing Work

Jameson's Char House - Mike/Mt. Prospect — 847-956-1500
Affiliated Realty & Mgmt. Co. - Theresa West — 847-439-0400
McKenzie Management - Julie — 847-813-5939
O'Hare Realty -VIC - Bondioli — 847-956-1915